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What Does General Dentistry Mean?

With well over a decade in practice, prestigious training from the Kois Center®, and experience as a mentor to other dentists, our doctor has the extensive expertise to offer you a broad range of dental care. Our mission is to help you and your entire family stay healthy! While dental specialists typically focus on providing treatment for advanced conditions, we offer the treatment that can keep you from needing that advanced care. Alongside brushing and flossing, nothing prevents dental diseases better than routine exams and professional teeth cleanings. We offer those and more here at your home for general dentistry in Laguna Hills, CA.

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Signature General Dentistry Treatments

Preventive Dentistry

Proper at-home hygiene routines like brushing and flossing are vital to maintaining your oral health. However, your professional cleanings every six-months are too. We take these visits seriously because we take your dental needs and concerns seriously. No matter what age, we welcome patients to receive high-quality and comprehensive preventive dental care here.

Oral Pathology Exam

Our team isn’t only concerned with your oral health—we want to protect you from systemic health issues too. By giving you regular oral pathology exams, a crucial general dentistry service, we can identify any visible signs of potentially serious health problems including oral cancer. If we do discover an issue of concern, we’ll see that you receive the care you need. Early detection is key to effective treatment, so make certain that you have oral pathology exams as frequently as we recommend.

Pediatric Dentistry

As both parents and dental professionals, we recognize the extra care that children need in a dental office environment. The unusual sights, sounds, and other sensations can be unsettling to children. Our gentle, soothing manner, combined with our modern technology, allows us to give children the most efficient, comfortable, and non-threatening care during their visits.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you have sleep apnea, snoring is only a symptom of your condition. During sleep, the soft tissues of your mouth relax and can collapse on your airway. This can create an obstruction that causes you to stop breathing repeatedly every night! To prevent this, we can fit you with a mandibular advancement device, a mouthguard that holds your jaw slightly forward to keep your airway open. With a customized mouthguard, you can enjoy more restful nights and energetic, productive days.

Occlusal Adjustment

If your top teeth are out of alignment with your bottom teeth, you may develop persistent headaches and speech problems. If you don’t correct this condition, you may end up having worn-down or broken teeth. We can resolve your bite issues by trimming small portions of enamel from some teeth to allow your teeth and your bite to fit properly, relieving any stress on your jaws.

Teeth Grinding/Bruxism

When you grind or clench your teeth—a condition called bruxism—you may grind down your teeth and also develop temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. We can help you overcome your condition and prevent any complications with a customized mouthguard. Often patients aren’t conscious of their bruxism, whether it occurs during sleep or during stressful daytime activities. With a mouthguard, you can avoid its destructive effects day and night.

TMJ Treatment

If you hear a popping sound from your jaw when you bite down, you might have a TMJ disorder or jaw joint and/or teeth misalignment. With custom-fitted mouthguards we can keep you from clenching and grinding your teeth and allow any stressed facial and jaw muscles to loosen up. Additionally, we can correct tooth misalignment with orthodontic solutions such as Invisalign®, which can reduce grinding and clenching and bring more natural, comfortable movement back to your jaws.

Composite Fillings

Conventional fillings have been used to reinforce and fill in decay-compromised areas inside your teeth for many years. These are very effective, but they’re not ideal when it comes to dental esthetics, as they can show through the tooth enamel. To provide you with a seamless smile, we use composite fillings, which are made to match the color of your tooth enamel. No one will ever know you had cavities!

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