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Laser Dentistry - Laguna Hills, CA

Scalpel-Free Soft Tissue Care

Laser Dentistry Is Far Less Invasive

Scalpels will probably remain essential dental tools for many years to come. That said, technological advancements may allow us to use them less as time goes on. With laser equipment, we can not only use fewer sharp instruments, but complete soft tissue treatments with less pain, bleeding, swelling, and sensitivity. Led by a highly experienced general dentist, the Rancho Laguna Family Dentistry team offers faster, more comfortable, and precise treatment with our state-of-the-art BIOLASE laser system. While many area practices don’t use this revolutionary technology, we’re proud to provide minimally invasive laser dentistry in Laguna Hills, CA.

The Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Less invasive treatments
  • Little pain, bleeding, sensitivity, and inflammation
  • No scalpels or sutures needed
  • Ultra-precise procedures
  • Speedier recovery
  • Faster visits
  • Less dental anxiety
  • Reduced need for anesthesia
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Featured Laser Dentistry Services

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

If you’ve developed gum disease, the laser can be very effective in numerous aspects of your treatment. Its high-intensity light instantaneously sanitizes as it moves across infected areas, removing bacteria from underneath your gums and plaque from your tooth roots. If you have diseased soft tissue that can’t be treated, we can use the laser to perform the functions of a scalpel and sutures, detaching the tissue and closing the treatment site afterward.

Laser Frenectomy

Though you may have never known their name, your frenula are those slender tissues that attach your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and your upper lip to your upper gums. When your frenula are too short, you may have difficulty eating and speaking normally. By using the laser to remove these restricting tissues, we can give your mouth full freedom of movement, allowing you to carry out daily activities without hindrance.

Laser Gingivectomy

When a section of your gum tissue is infected, the disease can spread to the neighboring healthy gum tissue. We always attempt to heal infected tissue, but sometimes they don’t respond to treatment and we must remove them. With the highly precise laser, we can remove the diseased tissue while leaving healthy adjacent tissues intact.

Peri-Implantitis Treatment

With a success rate of up to 98%, dental implants rarely fail. However, that 2% means failure is still possible under certain conditions. Previously existing health issues, poor dental hygiene, and smoking can all be contributing factors. Always brush and floss your teeth regularly and stop using tobacco products. Peri-implantitis isn’t an issue with the implants, which don’t decay, but with their supporting structures. If the tissue at the base of the implant becomes infected, deep pockets can form, and the implant may become loose and fall out. With the laser we can eradicate the associated infection before repairing the implant site.

Soft Tissue Recontouring

Some laser gum removal procedures aren’t intended to treat gum disease, but to improve smile esthetics. If you feel as if you have excessive gum tissue around your teeth, you may have what some call a “gummy smile.” With soft tissue recontouring, we can establish a more balanced relationship between your teeth and gums. Using our laser, we carefully trim select portions of gum tissue off of your teeth, making sure to preserve the natural curved shape around your teeth and keep gum coverage consistent across your entire smile.

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