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Meet Our Dedicated Team

Meet our team

Alexandria Robinson

After graduating with my degree in psychology, I decided to begin a career in dental hygiene. I was introduced to the dental field ever since I was born because my sister and a few of my cousins are all dental professionals. I worked with my sister as a dental assistant for six years before deciding to become a Dental Hygienist. My main goal in life is to show people that the dental office isn’t a scary place to visit. This starts through education at young ages. Prior to hygiene school, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Psychology because I wanted to be a teacher and work with kids. After working as a teaching assistant, I found that becoming a teacher wasn’t the path I was supposed to follow. My sister has been my dentist since I could remember. During my junior year in college, I decided to follow her path and researched jobs involving dentistry. I came across dental hygiene as a career choice and found a school near my college. After graduating college, I went straight to hygiene school. It was the perfect fit for me and I love helping people find confidence in their smiles again.
In my spare time I work as a fitness instructor and love to workout, hike, and play sports. My weekends typically consist of hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants.

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